Services We Offer

Survivors Supporting Survivors

SOAR provides support to ex-members, their families and those who are considering leaving high control, extreme religious organizations and cults.

Transform Your Life

SOAR is owned/operated by a former member of the Jehovahs Witnesses. Support is judgement-free and with compassion & understanding

Flexible Pricing

Services and Support are important when rebuilding your life but not every budget can accommodate it. Ask about the Sliding Scale Payment Plan.

Easy Scheduling & Appointments

Sessions are held in-person or online (i.e. Skype calls) in order to facilitate easy and comfortable conversation.

We’re all in this together!  We’ve experienced harmful activities such as shunning, judgement, condemnation, and/or  brain-washing that have left us feeling powerless and unsure.  There is a way to shed these abuses and live a happy life. After being disfellowshipped, I made decisions that I’m not super proud of but…

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